[CT Birds] Cooper's Hawk

Katherine Kuckens katkuckens at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 09:41:02 EST 2015

There is a 10 foot hedge about 6  feet from my kitchen window,  which is a
staging area for dozens of birds going to our feeders a few yards away.
This morning I glanced out and was startled by a large Cooper's Hawk poised
at the top of the hedge.  Closest I have ever been to a hawk.  It had a
blue gray back, long gray tail with dark gray bands, and the speckled
breast was almost solid copper, no streaks.  He  sat there casually for
some time, then swooped low over the yard to another hedge.  Then back
again.  Many little birds were also in the hedge  but did not flee.  I
wonder if this is what happened to one of the pair of Carolina wrens that
had been at my feeders since Thanksgiving.

Kat Kuckens, West Hartford

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