[CT Birds] Sterling yard

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Tue Jan 27 18:34:55 EST 2015

From Robert Dixon
1/27/15 - Sterling yard - About 24" of snow and a challenge to keep the feeder area clear.
Highlights - PINE SISKIN (17), YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER (1f), FIELD SPARROW, EASTERN TOWHEE (1f) and Northern Cardinal (22 males and 11 females at dusk for a record 33). Also had a Cooper's Hawk still hunting around the feeders today. It was interesting to watch as a dozen species fed all around the 'Coop' which they usually do (but never do this if it's a Sharpie) and it showed no   interest until a Starling landed on the suet and in a flash it was over (for the Starling). This happened twice today. I'm guessing Starlings are easy to catch or they taste really good.  

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