[CT Birds] Rough-legged at East River

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I like Mark's response. The signs may have mentioned no parking....but  
not sure if they mentioned "standing". We birders have been parking  
(excuse me)...."standing" on that road for years photographing  
Shorebirds, Rail, Hawks, Owls, Gulls, Sparrows, etc., and (probably)  
never caused ANY disruption of boat launch traffic that I am aware of.  
We all do the same thing....stop our cars, take out our scopes and  
cameras, look for a few minutes and then move on when we are finished.  
I have seen many Madison Policeman over the years passing me on that  
road and never had one of them tell me to move. In fact we had a CO  
pass us the other day while we were looking at the Hawk....he stopped  
to look also. I think the few birders that "stop" on that road this  
time of year when basically nobody is launching a boat should be  
allowed a certain amount of latitude. I might want to contrast this to  
the summer when the road is jammed with parked cars because the  
parking lot isn't large enough to hold all the cars and boat trailers  
that are using that small boat ramp. Rules, signs and more  
rules....birding use to be fun in CT!

Keith Mueller

Quoting Paul Fusco via CTBirds <ctbirds at lists.ctbirding.org>:

> Adding to what Julian says:
> Actually parking is not allowed on the boat launch road according to  
> signage in place. Don't know the reasoning behind those signs. They  
> appeared last year and in effect closes the area. Should COA contest  
> the posting? After all is it not public open space??
> P
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