[CT Birds] birding and common sense

julian hough jrhough1 at snet.net
Sat Jan 31 11:43:04 EST 2015

I didn't expect my post to springboard into comments about birding ethics. Seems that a common sense approach often wins, and in this case, I never felt there was any issues birding Neck Rd, signs or otherwise, past or present.

My note was simply a premptive strike to make birders aware of my experience. I was made aware by a homeowner that she had noticed an increase in traffic and it was tinged with some slight negativity. She may not be a barometer for everyone there but since her house was where the bird was perching, I felt visitors should be sensitive to maintain goodwill.

Just common courtesy, nothing more, nothing less and I will continue to bird there until handcuffed and taken away as an occupist.

I hope this will be the end of it and not generate a more radical diatribe on the subject.

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