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sffaulkner at comcast.net sffaulkner at comcast.net
Sat Jan 31 19:05:55 EST 2015

A very cold, windy day with a few highlights:

Haddam Meadows: disappointing visit due to snow having closed road into park, but was rewarded with a Northern Shrike flying across Rt 154 right by park entrance as I was leaving.  Thought it was a blue jay at first glance but did a double-take and confirmed when it landed in tree.  Quick but good look.  Glad I didn’t run off the road.

Hammonassett: very cold, windy: horned larks everywhere, and a long-tailed duck fly-by at the Meigs Point parking area.  Think I saw a snowy owl out on the distant breakwater -- anyone else see one there today?  My pics are very blurry --not sure.

Bond’s Dock, Stratford: light morph rough-legged hawk over marsh on Milford side; two bald eagles in marsh near Audubon building, Milford side -- one adult, one 3rd year juvvie; pair of marsh harriers wheeling together, south of Audubon building, Milford side; Long Beach, Stratford: lots of common goldeneye and 6 long-tailed ducks

Bird’s Eye Boat Ramp: 2 green-winged teal bobbing alongside mallards and redbreasted mergansers

Shoreline Drive, Stratford: 9 brant

Short Beach, Stratford: flock of 15 horned larks

Long Beach, Stratford: lots of common goldeneye, raft of long-tailed ducks

Could not find snow buntings, catbirds, or rusty blackbirds anywhere… and I was looking!

Sarah Faulkner, Collinsville

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