[CT Birds] Painted Bunting one more time

Michael Turso mjt0328 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 1 22:39:45 EST 2015

This is the last time I promise...

Hi all!

I wanted to know just one more time if the painted bunting has been spotted
recently at Cove Island Park in Stamford. I tried without luck, if he's
been seen since I was there (the 18th) I'll give it a whirl along with
Milford Point for a Snowy Owl, if not, I'll be chasing a Barrow's Goldeneye
and a Harris's Sparrow that day I have off. Either way works for me, but
I'll take the bunting over all of them.

If it has been spotted, if anyone would care to join me in my search, you
are more than welcome to contact me. If I go, it'll be Thursday most likely
but that could change fast.

Here's my email for any reports or requests to meet up: mjt0328 at gmail.com

Thanks to everyone!

- Mike Turso
  Bergen County, NJ

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