[CT Birds] Branford back yard

Lemmon lemmon at snet.net
Mon Feb 2 18:18:08 EST 2015

Pair of Carolina wrens feeding on dry cat food left for feral cats and feeding on small pieces of mixed nuts for woodpeckers. American Tree Sparrow feeding on mixed millet seeds.  Nine Purple finches on sunflower.  We had about 70 juncos, 17 Cardinals, 35 White-throated sparrows, 13 Blue Jays, 6 crows, 3 Red-Bellied Woodpeckers, 3 Downy Woodpeckers, 14 Tufted-Titmice, 10 Chickadees, 10 House Sparrows, about 50 starlings, one large female Coopers Hawk, and a large male deer nudging the sunflower feeders and eating the seed when it fell.  (also coyote last night...eating sunflower seeds and dry cat food).

Carol and Gary Lemmon

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