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Tue Feb 3 12:38:41 EST 2015

The birds have been devouring the seed in the feeders , understandably so since I'm sure it's tough for them to find food, going to be a rough winter on the deer population also with all this deep snow I'm sure a few of you have noticed them eating your shrubs. It amazes me how such small creatures as birds can learn to trust a human , when I full the feeders the birds fly a short distance and wait on the branches till I'm done , I back away a few feet and remain still they all come back within feet of me. I have about 30 juncos, numerous sparrows I can't identify ( new to this) at four morning doves every day and the pair of cardinals, chickadees , blue Jays seem to have left haven't seen one in weeks same with the cooper's hawk .    Craig vernon 

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