[CT Birds] Bluebird houses

Katherine Kuckens katkuckens at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 12:20:48 EST 2015

Two years ago, while kayaking, we paddled past a backyard with two  modest
bird houses, about 10 feet apart, facing each other, maybe 3 feet from the
ground, attached to random pieces of wood for posts. There were
clotheslines with flapping laundry, kids toys all over, and the yard was
positively swarming with bluebirds.

So last year we bought very high-quality bluebird houses, followed the
directions very carefully, but didn't get any takers.
Our backyard is a long half-acre strip, flat grass, lots of trees and brush
on three sides.  The lawn gets mowed but is in a very scruffy natural state
that we like.   The trees are mature, and the brush is just a rambling mix,
not trimmed or sculpted.

If anyone has been successful attracting nesters, any advice you have would
be most appreciated.
For instance:  the exact height from the ground, whether the houses should
face each other, or north, south, east, or west, how far apart one house
should be from the other.  We attached them to tree trunks, maybe that was
a mistake!

Kat in West Hartford

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