[CT Birds] Hudson Eagles Again

Kevin kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Fri Feb 6 17:36:55 EST 2015

I won't say the Mother load of eagles were on the ice today but there more than one (me) could keep tallies one no less photograph. On one ice flow alone were over 20 eagles where a 600mm produced many respectable captures. The only draw back unless the ISO wasn't kicked getting exposures over 500 sec at 5.6 and razor sharp focus were tough. Now read this the skies cleared with very even light now producing the captures I mentioned more than enough for the lack of light. Also many where the 600mm filled the frame with the eagles catching and eating fish. The highlight if one wants to call it  a sub adult maybe 3 plus years took a merganser duck as the duck took off. Talons locked the duck didn't stand a chance. As I've mentioned previously the trees gave many takes off and landings.

Too many flyovers to capture them all.

Again if one wants to see these birds up close the Hudson with ice is the spot. We call the place Verplanck but the park is called Cortland River Walk. The directions I've posted or gave are correct.

Not to harp but there are no qurantee's one will see what I had today. Especially this close. I heard of 3 days like this last year which I missed.

With the ice & cold hanging on there might be other opportunities. I mentioned the timing today and Super Bowl Sunday were between 8:30 and 11.

Despite the air temperature no more than 10 degrees and very little wind made staying outdoors for 3 hours tolerable. 

So don't pay attention to local weather reports where last nights forcast were for steady north/west winds in excess of 2o mph.

That's the Hudson today the best day I've had both with eagles and finally getting quality ice/action captures.

Kevin from the Hudson via New Milford

Kevindoyle01 at charter.net

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