[CT Birds] For Larry Flynn

Kevin kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Sat Feb 7 14:02:43 EST 2015

My good friend in Wapperingers Fall, Ny has an entire flock for lack of a better word flying squirrels. She feeds them peanut butter and peanuts & has taken some amasing captures. Like you said, no fear of flash nor her. She uses just a regular lens being she can handle them. I'm not sure if she has rabies I guess if bitten.

Very cool to see and now I believe she is shooting video.

To keep my red shoulders from taking any of many visiting birds and to date as far as I know none we feed them chicken scraps and skin . It's something how they know it's there when I haven't seen them in days and at times up to a week.

I've heard they like blue jays but the blue jays love these scraps also ... sometimes hanging around longer than I'd like with the hawks present but neither one seems to be concerned. I guess there's enough for both to share. It keeps the crows away also.

Once the scraps are gone the hawks aren't seen again and the blue jays go back to the feeders. 

Also the titmice are fond of this also possibly the skin for the fat.

Wish a coopers hawk or sharppy would show up not to take my visitors but to see them with my owns eyes.

Lastly Larry if you can get somekind of feeder attached to a tree shoulder height you might have them every night. She takes it down when their finished also.

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