[CT Birds] Made my day

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Tue Feb 10 13:10:16 EST 2015

For as long as I've been watching the birds in and around my  yard there 
has been a pair of Carolina Wrens in the neighborhood. In spring and  summer 
I'd hear them every morning, calling back and forth, sometimes in my  yard, 
sometimes 100 yards away. But this past fall I saw 1 bird in my yard quite  
often, sometimes on my front porch railing and calling loudly.  The call  was 
always a burry trill, not the usual songs, and I got the idea from 
somewhere  that this was a call distinct to the female. 
As winter came and "she" was at my feeders regularly I realized  that there 
was now only one wren. 
It's been that way all winter. Until today. I looked out my  front door and 
5 feet away in a rhododendron there was a pair, sitting only a  foot or 2 
apart! I froze and just watched them as they sat quietly, one on the  metal 
railing, occasionally drinking from a melt puddle. I noticed that the new  
bird had a distinctly darker and more rufous breast. They were there for  half 
an hour, even with my neighbor snowblowing across the street. Then they  
flew to another rhodo where I couldn't see them, so I went inside. But when I  
looked out the back window at my porch feeder, there they were, together on 
the  feeder. Just like old times. Looks like she found a new beau, and now 
I can look  forward to their morning chorus greeting me every day!
Don Morgan, Coventry,  Ct
mntncougar at aol.com

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