[CT Birds] Reposting from MA: Murre in Science class.

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Reposting Peter Trull’s story about the thick-billed murre in his science class -- pics on https://www.flickr.com/photos/26676688@N03/

What lucky students!!!

Sarah Faulkner, Collinsville

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A thick-billed Murre crash dived onto a parking lot in Orleans in the dark, rain last night.  A 7th grader’s parent picked it up, put it into a box and brought it to Mr. Trull.  I will release it in the Bay on my 5th period prep (2PM) today.  In the meantime, this healthy, preening, active alcid is in the 40 gallon aquarium in my classroom, diving for sunfish, swimming underwater, watching the fish swim below it, rearing up and flapping, giving my students a Biology, Ornithology, behavioral, Natural History lesson they will never forget. Not to mention it’s a gorgeous bird.

Peter Trull

Brewster, MA

petrull at comcast.net

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