[CT Birds] Stratford "white-winged" Gull

julian hough jrhough1 at snet.net
Fri Feb 13 18:38:07 EST 2015

I agree Mark, and maybe a pointed post about why this bird isn't an Iceland Gull, or an article documenting anomalous features in CT Warbler might help add some constructive insight for me.

I haven't seen pictures of the third-year but maybe Keith has images. 

I just don't think continual labelling of this bird without specific and incisive comments is moving the discussion forward. 

Perhaps Patrick and Keith who have admirably put time into this could offer a succint summary of why it isn't an Iceland Gull to help those, like me, who may have too hastily written it off as "just" an Iceland Gull. My opinion is no more or less than anyone else's but I guess I am challenging those current notions that it is something "else".



On Fri, Feb 13, 2015 6:16 PM EST Mark Szantyr wrote:

>Not wanting to stir a hornet's nest, i do wonder what the concensus is on this gull. I agree with Julian that it is an Iceland Gull but it is quite large and agressive and it might make for fun snow day banter to see what others who have seen it think. I do know that there are some not convinced it is an Iceland (pure) Gull. 
>These photos are from a year ago. 
>Mark Szantyr
>> On Feb 13, 2015, at 5:08 PM, julian hough via CTBirds <ctbirds at lists.ctbirding.org> wrote:
>> Keith, in your post, you wrote "Also returning large "WHITE-WINGED" Gull (aka
>> Mr. Long Beach) now in its 3rd cycle hanging out at its usual place on
>> the jetty at the west end of the parking lot.
>> Despite some long discussions about its identity when it turned up, isn't this widely accepted as just an Iceland Gull? 
>> Is there still some reason that it is continues to be reported as unidentifiable to species even now, as a three year old?
>> I think it may be confusing for those less well versed in gulls to see it referred to as a "white-winged" gull.
>> Thanks..
>> Julian
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