[CT Birds] Grass Island, Greenwich - Saved a Scaup

Lynnette LSC1465 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 14 15:37:29 EST 2015

Today late morning after seeing the killdeer & redheads at Grass Island, Fulvio Montanari & I realized that a female scaup was in serious trouble at the far end of the boat dock.  We made our way out to see that she had a fish hook through her right wing and had fishing line wrapped around that wing, leaving her hanging/flapping from the piling.  I held the bird while Fulvio cut the fishing line, then we took her up to the maintenance garage where Frank Rupp cut the hook in half & removed it.  I attempted to free the scaup near the water, but she could not fly, so we placed her in a cooler and rushed to Old Greenwich where Meredith Sampson of Wild Wings will work her rehabilitation magic.  Several wing feathers had broken off and the side/stomach was cut, probably from scraping against the barnacles on the piling, but we are hopeful she will survive.  It was a terrific team effort! So glad we could save this beautiful bird!

Lynnette Clemens, Old Greenwich

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