[CT Birds] Stonington Borough 2/14

Russ Smiley arsmiley at comcast.net
Sat Feb 14 16:09:03 EST 2015

Today I discovered that Stonington Borough has more than the Point beyond
the lighthouse and the Dodge Paddock & Beal Preserve on Wall Street for good
viewing of sea birds.

The Stonington Town Docks, where the fishing fleet is based, has a nice
public deck at the very end with parking nearby that overlooks the cove to
the west.

>From there I watched common loons, common eider, red-breasted merganser,
horned grebes, two large rafts for scaup, Canada geese, and a curious harbor

Turn right down High or Pearl Streets to get to the docks.

Before discovering the Town Docks, I visited the Point. From over the heaps
of snow on the south and west sides, and before the southerly winds rose, I
viewed many loons, horned grebes (20 was my low estimate), frisky surf
scoter at a long distance, brant, common eider, a few bufflehead, a couple
common goldeneyes, a great cormorant, and one long-tailed duck.

They dumped the borough's excess snow on the east side, effectively blocking
the views unless you have crampons, an ice axe, and an affinity for slippery

A peregrine falcon flew by the bridge over the railroad at the edge of the

Russ Smiley

Marlborough, CT

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