[CT Birds] Birds today

Jerilyn Duefrene kaymad143 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 15 12:44:12 EST 2015

Hi there,

I have had a quite a busy morning for the birds at the feeders:
6 Cardinals
14 Mourning Doves (that have since moved on, thank goofness).
10 Goldfinces
2 Carolina Wrens
3 Dark Eyed Juncos
7 House Finches
4 Tufted Titmice
2 House Sparrows (more than enough)
6 Starlings - sent them away too - bullies

The final one, shocked me! All of a sudden the birdies all left and I saw a
large wingspan nearby and I turned around and a Red Tailed Hawk was staring
at me while standing on the bird bath! My heart was pounding!

Jeri Duefrene

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