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My birds won’t touch any of the commercial suet cakes at all.  I don’t know what the fat is that is being used to bind them, but the birds appear to hate it.  I had one suet cake hanging for months with no one touching it.  Real suet, on the other hand, they love. So I get beef fat, melt it down and strain it, and mix with seeds to make my own.  These freeze well and I make enough for the whole winter in late fall.

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From Dan Rottino & Family:

While plowing, I was able to get to within three feet of the female Yellow-bellied Sapsucker feeding on a seed bell I had placed on the platform feeder.  Perhaps she was not doing well as this is the first time I have had her in the yard.  The male has been coming daily for quite some time and looks quite fat.  We also saw a PILEATED WOODPECKER and heard a BARRED OWL calling.  The siskins were here all day along with increased numbers of goldfinches but all were flushed several times by hungry turkeys.  

I was given the bell-shaped mixed seed feeder as a gift.  It came in a plastic onion-like hanging sack but birds barely touched it.  I put it on an open platform two weeks ago but not until today did any bird use it, and not by much.  My next plan is to smash it up into small pieces to see if the birds will eat it then.  Has anyone else had problems with seed bells?  I used them often as a teenager with no issues.

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Dan Rottino
East Haddam, CT
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