[CT Birds] Sparrow Spookers and Bluebird boxes.

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Tue Feb 17 22:47:11 EST 2015

The House Sparrows - an alien bird that should not be here, and is not a native species. By them being introduced here, they have taken over a niche from our native birds, and those native birds are the Bluebird, Tree Swallow and others as well. The House Sparrows impact on these native birds is huge and growing still. 
I had a Bluebird trail here in Harwinton CT with over 200 plus Bluebird boxes that i monitored every week for over 30 years, and Ive learned a bit about House sparrows. In one word, I learned they are real bird MURDERERS! No other predator in our area is more damaging to these box nesting birds than them! Every year I had more failed boxes happen from H. Sparrows than Raccoons, Snakes, other birds like Wrens, Grackles, Blow flies and mice combined!! 
I tried all the known deterrents and to be honest, most all do not work or are very marginal. What DOES work is choosing a location that does not have H Sparrows, or- as I did - Monitor your box/ Boxes every week and Destroy any H. Sparrow nests and-or eggs you find. If you do not do this, than the H Sparrows - esp the males who are territorial, will evict or more likely kill whatever other bird tries to occupy the box! Including their eggs, young and even the adults! If you are not willing to do this, than please -DO NOT PUT UP ANY BOXES! If you do, you are just inviting these alien killers to KILL your native birds, and I as one did not want to be a part in that, as you should as well, period!
If you want any further information about this, please e mail me and i will try to find an answer for you.

Paul Carrier - Harwinton    

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