[CT Birds] Assorted reports

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Wed Feb 18 22:43:31 EST 2015

Passing these along.

 From Ralph Amodei
2/17 - East Haven feeders - 1 Fox Sparrow.

2/18 - North Haven - at work - one song calling House Wren.
This is the second time in 16 years I have heard and/or seen House Wren
in CT in February.

2/18 - East Haven - feeder birds 1 juv Lincoln's Sparrow.
Perhaps early today's call was a Lincoln's song. Golden Books A Guide to Field id
Birds of North America states Lincoln's call suggests House Wren's. The song was exactly
like House Wren, but toned down.
Juv East Canadian specifies Red Tailed Hawk had close run at my feeder birds.
I have also had Tree Sparrow within last month and of course the White Throats are
resident feeders now through mid and late spring along with Juncos.

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

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