[CT Birds] Rusty Blackbirds, Siskins and Red-shoulder Hawk

Jim Zipp jimzipp at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 20 16:07:30 EST 2015

>From Carol and Jim Zipp
2-20 - Hamden yard.  

Rusty Blackbirds have settle back to the 40 or so birds after a short rise to 85-90. Unfortunately for them an adult Cooper's Hawk has taken a liking to them.  Pine Siskins are at 10 now.  

Today we found a dead immature Red-shouldered Hawk under one of our hemlocks.  It had apparently starved. With the mice safely in tunnels in the snow life is tough. We haven't even seen an immature here since summer.  Two adults are daily in our area and don't seem to allow any others to hang around but this young bird had not a mark on him.  No idea where this guy came from.  The next raptor we had was a flattened red morph screed owl on the road.  Not a good time to be a bird in this weather.

We are putting out close to 20lbs of seed a day between the ground feeding and feeders plus lots of suet and mealworms.  It's been a crazy winter but the bird activity here in the morning has been very busy and great fun to watch.


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