[CT Birds] A note about Captains Cove

Tina and Peter Green petermgreen at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 22 23:35:50 EST 2015

I was surprised at how many people were not familiar with Captain's Cove Seaport in Bridgeport and where to bird in this eBird Hotspot. This is one of the best spots to see waterfowl relatively close in the spring,fall,and winter,especially this winter when most inland and even coastal water on Long Island Sound is frozen solid or   a sea of slush and floating islands of ice.Captain's Cove is one of the few spots with open water and a protected safe haven,especially for waterfowl.This should be on your list of spots to check when you are in the area and it probably will be now. There were 14 duck species seen today,highlights being the Tufted Duck,3 Redheads,14 Canvasbacks,2 Ring-necked Ducks,Buffleheads,Greater and Lesser Scaup,Gadwall, Mallards,American Black Ducks,American Wigeon,Hooded and Red-breasted Mergansers,and Common Goldeneye,as well as Horned Grebe,American Coot,Canada Geese,and Mute Swans.Yesterday there was a Eurasian Wigeon.I have always thought if( or should I say when) I found a Tufted Duck that it would be in this location because of the large number of scaup that are here every year,the perfect habitat,and the fact that one could actually see the ducks at close range instead of far offshore in huge tight rafts as they often are at St.Mary's by the Sea in Bridgeport. 
So I hope many of you will return and if you've never been here,come and discover this jewel.
I will check early tomorrow morning for the Tufted Duck and I will post either way.
Good birding!

Tina Green
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