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Kevin Doyle kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Mon Feb 23 21:50:06 EST 2015

Hello out there. I think I've mentioned that for past week I have a pair of blue birds. One is definetly female but the male if a male is very dark. A lot of black in it's wings,  chestnut and varying shades of greys.Do male blue birds go through a total change like this I guess is my question.

I read they can't open black oiled sunflower seeds so they go back and forth from the feeders waiting for dropped seeds to eat. What can I feed them to keep them healthy since it seems they are here to stay.

Had my 1st robin under the feeder ... only a few seconds then it flew into the holly bush last I saw of it.

Wish I could send picture of the blue bird but they are on the camera and I don't know how to use my Mac to email.

To whoever posted the eagles at Birdseye were they close enough for good captures, what time of day and was the tide going out or coming in.

Over on the Hudson best captures are when the tide is going out. Maybe same here.


Kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Kevin Doyle

FYI ... Scott super snowy owl captures ... why I can't get lucky ... to the person with the Long eared owl. What a find great captures. Again why I can't get lucky. Thanks for posting both.

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