[CT Birds] Eagles on Hudson

Kevin Doyle kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Wed Feb 25 17:42:38 EST 2015

Today was the day once everything came together ... tide, ice, wind and one fish. Steady west wind pushing the ice west to east. Plus the wind was pushing ice down river. With that one fish brought on the action. At one time 11 eagles on one flow ... started with 2 then the others. How they sense this when we visually see nothing then presto. All within 400-600 mm range. Perfect light also. 

This all occured in less than 10 minutes the action and before we knew it the ice was gone.

So as I continue to post on the right day you can't miss. Though for nearly 2 1/2 hours not a thing. Patience is the word.

If by chance Paul Fusco sees this ... you should have stayed unless you had plans elsewhere.  

I still think a week to 10 days ... you still have a fighting chance if you go.

Plenty of ice north of the Bear Mountain Bridge the river is frozen solid with snow on it and as you may have seen last night the NY harbor and the Harlem & East Rivers are unpassable. Around the Tappan Zee the barge cranes building the new bridge are completely locked in. 

What this has to with birding who knows I guess I'm emphasizing the ice. Ice brings eagles close and just one fish.

That's for the info on why the ducks are dying. I thought to the weather and lack of adequate food. Plus where can they go at night to get out of the wind.

I just wonder how my feeder birds do it. It seems I have more every day. They went through 40 pounds of seed and 8 suets in less than a week. To me pretty amazing. Need to shop tomorrow.

That's the skinny I hope those who requested directions can get over time is running out.

New Milford Kevin
Kevindoyle01 at charter.net

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