[CT Birds] Caching Food

Linda & Steve Broker ls.broker at cox.net
Fri Feb 27 11:43:37 EST 2015

From Steve Broker (Cheshire):

Common Ravens cache food throughout the year, hiding it in rock crevices and under stones, tufts of grass, in tree crevices and tree bark, and under snow.  They keep track of dozens of cached food spots at any given time.  Keeping excess food on hand is standard behavior for them.  If they are observed caching food, as by a Turkey Vulture gliding overhead, they will temporarily cache the food and when no longer being observed proceed to relocate the cached item.  They also will fake caching food when under observation by a vulture.

Peregrine Falcons leave unfinished food items (bird carcasses) in ready sight for periods of time, coming back later to complete the feeding.  I’ve never observed them to hide food items.  Why bother, when you’re the top dog in town?

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