[CT Birds] "its a hard world for little things"

VALERY MELNIKOW valery51 at optimum.net
Sat Feb 28 09:20:54 EST 2015

Val Melnikov. 02/27/15. 15:45 West River Street Milford. Stopped in 
traffic just b4 RR underpass. On sidewalk pigeon. In a heartbeat a N. 
Harrier swoops in and grabs the pigeon. Flys off a couple of meters and 
begins the task of deadifying. I swung around RR station and came down 
to see how the process was going. It took no longer than 3 mins for me 
to loop around station and get to the scene of the crime. Some few 
feathers and what looked like a head were all that was left. Madame Gish 
was right. It is a "hard world".

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