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Sat Feb 28 14:10:25 EST 2015

After posting, Aidan Kiley and I promptly returned to Pine Creek, where we found the redpoll flock in the same location mentioned before.

The bird remained in the same couple of birches, although numbers of Common Redpolls began to slowly trickle off. By 1:45, the HOARY flew off, accompanied by four Common Redpolls (we originally began with 12-15). Before that time, however, Brendan and Sean Murtha, Russ Smiley, Dan Rottino, Charlie Barnard, and a man from Trumbull (didn't catch his name) were able to see the bird. Hundreds of photos have been obtained of this individual, displaying all of the crucial Hoary field marks, although it is questionable whether we got a photo of the unstreaked rump, or a decent shot of the upperparts.

The redpoll flock flew off to the SW, towards the larger portion of the Old Dam Road Open Space area, where I had Common Redpoll in January 2011. This area can be accessed by heading all of the way down Old Dam Road, until you get to the bird feeders. Just before the feeders, there is a trail heading diagonally into the phragmites. Follow that, walk through a couple of groves of birches (which should be checked), cross two bridges, and you'll come to the main area. Take the loop, and check those birches as well.

I'll try to post some photos tomorrow.

Alex Burdo

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