[CT Birds] Tufted Duck - Yes

Jan Collins jgcollins at cox.net
Tue Mar 3 17:19:45 EST 2015

3/3/15  From Jan Collins and Patrice Favreau at 12:30 PM St. Mary's by the 
Sea, Bridgeport, female TUFTED DUCK.
We started at Captain's Cove and while a nice variety of waterfowl, only 1 
Scaup!  We could see 100's more scaup to the west, way out in the Sound past 
the mouth of the Cove, so headed over that way and discovered several 
hundred Scaup in close by the seawall at St Mary's by the Sea.  An amazingly 
brief scan discovered the sleeping female with her telltale tufts.  Also 
present with several other duck species were 7 REDHEADS and 2 LONG-TAILED 
A quick stop at Milford Coastal Center produced a large flock of LONG-TAILED 
ducks and another huge raft of Scaup on the Sound side and a nice variety of 
the usual ducks in the river from the Center side as well as a GREAT 

Jan in Somers

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