[CT Birds] Monday @ Long Beach

Kevin Doyle kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Tue Mar 3 20:02:28 EST 2015

A day late but I have to give the 2 horned larks I spotted at the end of the parking lot hunkered down in only what I can call a snow cave very hardy birds. They were barely visible looking east to west but west to east they put on a very cool photo-op. I had all I could do stay up right how these guys managed not to be blown off ... I have no idea. By far from being an expert birder it just surpasses my wildest imagination how any of these little creatures survive. If I'm not mistaken are these guys friendly to humans?  Why because despite they were well aware of me they continued to go about their business with very little fear.

Of note not bird related @ Long Beach were the unbelievable snow drifts and snow sculptures.  With the wind whipping the snow these images were constantly changing. Reminded me of the sand storms from northern Texas. And the rime ice with the low tide. Only can nature create such natural beauty. This winter has been harsh but dramatic as well. Sad to see it go but spring will present some interesting challanges.

At Birdseye the usual nothing over the top except for the resident Harrier having several areas where it appeared to have food stashed. 

Today I headed north on Rt.7
In New Milford a few hundred yards south of the bridge is an open spot of water.  Difficult to tell size because I can't stop on the bridge but today many waterbirds to big for ducks possibly canadian geese.  Heading north many areas of open water mixed in with frozen shore to shore ice.  On the bridge in Gaylordsville looking both north & south numerous hooded mergansers, common mergansers, ring necked ducks and several others I can't id yet. Possibly one bald eagle I have been told they've been spotted from Bulls Bridge.

Proceeding north into Kent and the River Road area near the school the river is completely frozen ... it will be a spectacle when the ice decides to lose its grip. I fear not for myself but those living on the water where will the snow pack go when the thaw starts? Mind you its not just our snow but the snow pack up north. This could bring record floods ... only time will tell.

My 2 cent for the day.

New Milford Kevin
Kevindoyle01 at charter.net

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