[CT Birds] Peanuts are for the birds!

Jerry Connolly birdshop at sbcglobal.net
Wed Mar 4 14:04:14 EST 2015

For those of you within driving distance, we do sell bags of shelled peanuts (aka peanut splits) at The Audubon Shop here in Madison.
Not sure what other suppliers sell them for, but prices have been consistent for a few years at 4.95 for 3 lbs, 8.95 for 5 lbs, and 16.95 for 10 lbs. 

I would add that we are confident in our supplier that these are fresh and not dried out, and we get frequent deliveries.
Also, we sell a "peanut feeder" that is basically a tube made out of a sort of mesh. The birds that can cling (Titmouse, etc) do so and sort of chop the splits into bite sized bits themselves. You don't have to grind anything down, and the seed actually lasts a little longer because birds have to work at it. It's a more specific-bird type feeder. Our small mesh feeder (about 8" tall) conveniently hangs on a suction cup type arm on our kitchen window. This size feeder is large enough to accommodate Red-bellieds.

Just fyi.
Jerry Connolly

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