[CT Birds] New Feeder Birds Milford

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Thu Mar 5 11:24:16 EST 2015

Milford yard. FOY Pine Siskin-one-where are its compatriots? Making the chickadees look enormous. It sat on the feeder and ate for over 5 minutes. Undisturbed by the the chickadees, titmice and nuthatches flying in and out. Just got in from Canada and really hungry?  

The other birds fly 30 feet in to get one seed, fly back to the tree and hatchet at the seed for half a minute, then repeat.  How does all that work for each seed result in a net energy gain? Not like the Blue Jays who make off with 15 seeds at a time.

Yesterday morning I thought I saw a Redpoll on the feeder, just before the sun came up so it was a little dark.  It flew off just as I raise my Bins to my eyes, of course. Frank has Siskins and a Redpoll in Stratford just to the west, so it's possible...

Winie Wirth

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