[CT Birds] To the duck replies thank you

Kevin Doyle kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Fri Mar 6 22:38:59 EST 2015

To all who pointed me in the right direction for ducks thank you. I found St. Mary's but not with any help from the Fairfield cops. I stutter and it was difficult getting the words out and the cop being a punk & probably half my age made a few wise cracks ... debating whether to report him ... plenty of ducks but way to far out ... very harsh light also. Several mature eagles also. Scouted to get on the other side no luck. Captains Cove found by mistake and the ice house. Again plenty of ducks just a little to far out. Think I saw/found the tuffted duck. Distance again. Many female ring neck duck, canvasbacks and grebes. Who knows what else because I just couldn't see. Also what is the land mass across from the gezbo ... saw 2 female deer and one buck seemingly being chased by a red fox ... how did they access this spit?

Over at Birdseye one canvasback up close & personal ... numerous American Wiegon, green winged teal ( at last good captures) grebes, black ducks but oddly no hoodies. A few common mergansers. 

Did spot a few more tragedies of the harsh winter ... 2 Canadian gesse ... possibly broken wings or missing feet ... very difficult to deal with but the reality is that the strongest survive. I can't see how they will make it through the night ... high tide will surely drown them.

Over at Long Beach the parking lot road is flooded not only with water but ice ... took a gamble with the car ... scanned quickly for Long tail ducks didn't see any. Beat feet to get out. Car has less than 4 inches ground clearance. 

Hudson ... Saturday may truly be the last day of the season ... warm weather right around the corner ... 

New Milford
Kevindoyle01 at charter.net

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