[CT Birds] Red-Shouldered Hawk eating a squirell

Rick Gedney rrged at comcast.net
Sat Mar 7 06:55:45 EST 2015

>From Rick Gedney, Madison:

chiming in on recent posts about RSHA finding food...

My feeding station amped up a couple days ago when a RSHA took a squirrel.  Dragged under a spruce tree and ate it over the course of two days.  We have had them nesting in the wooded swamp behind us for years.  They usually gorge on amphibians coming from all the vernal pools so we'll see if other food sources hold them over.  The amphibians could be late.  I can think of only a few times in 20 years that the peepers and wood frogs were not sounding off by St. Patrick's day here.

It will interesting to see in various count numbers if this  weather event in the winter of 2015 will knock back the numbers of our "southern" birds (feeders are a bit of a wild card here).  

In a more (unfortunately) predictable feeding event  a Red-tailed Hawk took one of our chickens last week  Usually the canopy provides some free range protection but my wife watched from the house as the Red-tail nailed it, the hen briefly escaped under the coop where the hawk cornered it like a velociraptor and dragged it out.  The eyes, crop and some other parts were consumed by the time she went out there.

Tough winter.

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