[CT Birds] Tufted Duck, etc.

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Sat Mar 7 20:14:50 EST 2015

From Frank & Linda Mantlik,
3/7. Bridgeport, Captain's Cove (1 Bostwick), with Mike & Wanda Moccio- it took 2 visits to locate the female TUFTED DUCK among a large flock of Greater & Lesser Scaup. Also seen here were 9 REDHEADS (6 males), 1 CANVASBACK (sparse this icy winter), pair of NORTHERN SHOVELERS (which flew away), 13 Horned Grebes.
Bridgeport, St. Mary's by the Sea, w/ the Moccios - large flock of 500+-feeding Greater & Lesser Scaup contained 1 male REDHEAD, 1 male CANVASBACK. 
Stratford, Birdseye St boatramp - 2 adult Bald Eagles, usual ducks, grebes, harriers, gulls, coots.
Stratford, Shakespeare Theater (Elm St)- Merlin.
Stratford, Raven Pond (East Main @ Brookside)-  male Wood Duck, male Northern Pintail.

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