[CT Birds] Mockingbird

Tricia Reid reidtri at gmail.com
Sun Mar 8 11:32:18 EDT 2015

Probably a wintering over bird, though survival
​ this winter is surprising, but I was delighted to see a Mockingbird
strutting his stuff on top of the control box for the traffic lights at
EastBrook Mall in Mansfield on Saturday afternoon.

This weekend I'm inundated with more goldfinches and siskins than I've had
all winter (30+/10+), more sparrows are also showing up at my feeders, song
sparrows and a lone chipper showed up both yesterday and today​ along with
a pair of house finches. A horde of mournig doves, I stopped counting at
50, also arrived yesterday. I was beginning to think the weather forecast
was wrong and we were about to have another snowstorm.

Tricia Reid, Mansfield Center

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