[CT Birds] Spring's terrible legacy, the departure of the juncos

Brian Williams brianw15th2v at att.net
Sun Mar 8 21:26:06 EDT 2015

The past few winters I've been funneling quite a number of juncos and other sparrows through a station of feeders mostly without incident.  Today my home was sideswiped and I immediately looked outside to see an enormous forest yellow jacket holding its position, having effectively blocked the exit path of the juncos.  Probably stung one bird on the fly which is unpleasant but far from the worst possible scenario.  The juncos do not match up well with these predatory vespula and under all this snow the ground is still unfrozen so there is tension in the air locally. It's been a rough two years running with thriving populations of yellow jackets and the juncos have borne more than their share of the trouble.

Brian Williams

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