[CT Birds] Norwalk nesting Bald Eagles

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Mon Mar 9 20:34:40 EDT 2015

With out a boat and ton's of ice, I have been confined to sea watching from Calf Pasture Beach, Norwalk, CT.
I reported that during the GBBC I saw a Bald Eagle in Chimmons Island, which is about a mile south of the beach. On and off have seen an eagle out there and simple figured it to be a bird or two passing bye with the rough winter. BTW we counted one at this same place in the CBC.
Today, Captain Mark Schlegel called be to say that Captain Charlie Wetmore saw a pair of Bald Eagle's building a nest on Chimmons Island, a island that is one of four Norwalk  Islands that belong a part of the Stewert B McKinley National Wildlife Refuge. After work I drove the the beach and though my bin's I could confirm that there was a pair of very large birds working on that nest
I am very familiar with this nest, it has been an Osprey nest for the past 2-3 years, one of the few osprey nest in this area that is built in a natural tree.
Talking with Mark, I noted this him, that osprey's are not quit here yet, though they could arrive any day now, but two Osprey/Eagles in the same spot?
 I called Charlie, who was certain they were Bald Eagles, and we took a late afternoon ride out on to the area on his work boat.
Sure enough, there is a pair of Bald Eagles building/ or adding on to the current osprey nest, we witnessed copulation.
BTW, Captain Wetmore was the gentleman that first reported the Brown Booby a few years ago, his eyewitness account is magnificent and really needs to be known.
I hope to keep this updated.

Larry Flynn
Norwalk, CT

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