[CT Birds] Southport Probable Little Gull

Tina and Peter Green petermgreen at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 10 09:15:31 EDT 2015

3/10/15- Southport-Southport Beach-probable Little Gull seen silhouetted against the morning sun sitting all alone on a floating ice chunk. Identification made by size and shape including small short bill,rounded head,short wings. I started scanning for other gulls assuming I would see some Bonaparte's Gulls but I did not. When I tried to relocate it in my scope, it was flying west and away from me, again with poor lighting making it impossible to get color field marks to positively ID it 100 % as a Little Gull. I noted it as a "gull sp." on  my eBird list with details. I wanted to alert everyone to keep an eye out for this bird,especially west of Southport.

Tina Green
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