[CT Birds] Canfield Island Birds, 6:00-7:00 PM

Preston Lust prestonlust at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 11 20:16:02 EDT 2015

15 BONAPARTE'S GULLS, 2 KILLDEER, 20 COMMON GRACKLES, 1 RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD, 10 BROWN-HEADED COWBIRD. Details on the probable SHORT-EARED OWL are pasted below from the eBird checklist:
I looked back on the marsh-side of the bridge at around 6:35 and saw what appeared to be an owl fly from the West side to the East side. I thought at first it was a northern harrier, based on the color, but then realized quickly it was far too small and definitely an owl. I was not able to see the face of the bird, but I saw definite barring on the wingtips and a pale color underneath the wings. After further study into the possibility of a short-eared owl, I determined that it was too unlikely to properly conclude. I thus marked it as "owl sp.". However, I deliberated with Jory Teltser on the owl and we determined that it likely was a short-eared.

Preston Lust, Westport

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