[CT Birds] Painted bunting report 3/11

David Winston dgardenman at sbcglobal.net
Wed Mar 11 21:30:19 EDT 2015

Well as you may have surmised by some earlier reports the painted Bunting did not disappoint us today.
Visits began at 7:30, 8:19, multiple times until 10:45, 12:50, 2:00, 2:50, 5:35 5:50 and 6:45.
There were a couple longer waiting moments from 12:50-2:00 and especially from 2:50 - 5:35 when we were worried but couldn’t say it.
The surge of Grackles kept him away a bit but the beauty persisted and fed well today.
Yesterday about 30 of you signed my guest list and today about 45. So I think we have some pretty happy campers out there.
It was a pleasure to spend time with you all.
The feeders have been filled and our buddy went off to the woods to spend the night.
You are all still welcome to come visit and enjoy this treat for as long as he cares to spend time with us.
Those of you who are more interested in the Dickcissel I can only say he / she is a bit more unpredictable, but slightly more reliable before 10AM.
Always with the House Sparrows coming in from the left.
Once again 1128 Cove Road, Stamford.
Park on the street across from the house,
We stay behind the picnic table to give him his space.
I’ll keep you posted.

Dave Winston

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