[CT Birds] Had a little talk with a Fish Crow today - and a coincidence.

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Fri Mar 13 18:48:36 EDT 2015

I stopped at the Birdseye Boat Ramp today, and there was a Fish  Crow 
standing on the railing of the fishing pier ramp in the parking lot. He was  only 
10 feet from me and uttered a few miscellaneous noises. On impulse I looked 
 at him and said 
"uh uh" with a nasal voice. he immediately responded in kind  several 
times, and would, every time I spoke to him again. But once, I changed  to "uh 
huh" and he answered back in a different voice, although not mimicking  me. We 
went back and forth for five minutes or so and he started to babble a  
steady stream with me. If he stopped for a moment I only had to make one sound  
and he'd start in again. Most of the time he was looking right at me, but  
sometimes he would go through a little routine of bobbing up and down. He 
only  left his perch when another crow dive-bombed him, for reasons unknown. 
Perhaps  he didn't want the kid associating with riff-raff.
I know that people feed the gulls and geese there, so perhaps  he was 
trying to get a hand-out, but anyway it was a fun experience. 
When I got home I found this link in a post on a Michigan bird  list:
Don Morgan, Coventry,  Ct
mntncougar at aol.com

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