[CT Birds] Painted Bunting Report 3/13

David Winston dgardenman at sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 13 21:34:35 EDT 2015

Hello All:

Well we had a late start as you probably heard.
The bird did not make an appearance at the feeder until 10:15.
Can you imagine that!!
Seems one of the birders in the park had actually seen him above my house in the large locust at 7:30.
Like,”Who was looking there?”
Anyway after quite a few  visits from my rowdy Monk Parakeet friends and assorted Grackles the star attraction came to visit.
10:15 -10:25, 12:10-12:20, 2:30, 3:30, 3:45, 4:40, 4:55, 5:05, 5:10, 5:55 and 6:00.
So all in all a good day. Although his afternoons seem to be more active. I’m thinking he’s just waiting for all of the bigger birds to leave the area.
Many good photo ops.
Lots of good company.
Stop by any time.

Dave & Ginger Winston
1128 Cove Road, stamford
Park across the street
Stay behind the picnic table to give him his space.

I’m also beginning to feel I must add my brokers caveat.
“Past performance is no guarantee of future returns"

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