[CT Birds] Niantic Bald Eagles

Emmayct at cs.com Emmayct at cs.com
Fri Mar 13 23:42:04 EDT 2015

A glorious morning at the Niantic River. Nearly low tide and the gulls were 
harvesting scallops and clams off the mud flats.  Heard a "Bam" and looked 
around to see if one had dropped a clam on my car roof but, thankfully, it 
was the guy who just pulled in and was gearing up to go clamming. He actually 
found it amusing.

Way up the river I could see two Bald Eagles flying around. Had to take Mom 
for hair appointment so we drove up Niantic River Road and there they 
were...sitting on the ice not far from the road. Gave her the binoculars and, at 
88 yrs old, she got her first look at a Connecticut Bald Eagle. 

Loons, Bufflehead, Canada Geese, Swans, American Black Ducks, Goldeneyes, 
Mergansers....everyone was having a low tide feast.

Maryann in Niantic</HTML>

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