[CT Birds] GAE Testimony/Conveyance Act (6998)

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The following is the testimony sent today from COA.
 Members of the GAE Committee,
It has come to our attention that " lawmakers are proposing some shocking transfers of state conservation land including portions of Silver Sands State Park (Section 3), Centennial Forest (Section 8) and two parcels affected by mining (Sections 14,15)". It is appalling that our lawmakers have alerted the citizens of Connecticut only days before this Conveyance Act (HB6998) goes to Public Hearing.
Our organization,the Connecticut Ornithological Association and its' members "strongly oppose all transfers of state conservation land without appropriate review of their ecological value and alternatives,but especiallythe proposals for Silver Sands(Section 3),the Centennial Watershed Forest(Section 8),and mining in Killingly/PIainfieId and Canterbury/Brooklyn(Sections 14,15)".
Silver Sands State Park is one of the very few protected parcels along an already overpopulated and congested piece of shoreline. People and wildlife need open spaces and access to our coastalwaters,especially where very little of it remains. Silver Sands is an important migratory bird resting stop on what is a long and arduous journey to the birds' breeding grounds. The park is also one of only six state parks on Long Island Sound and the only one in New Haven county. Furthermore,the park will soon be undergoing changes with "so-called park improvements" and further demands will be made upon what is mostly" interior wetlands separated from the Sound by sand dunes". Every square inch of land at the park is extremely important and should be protected. We urge you to keep the park intact as it is. Do not slice and chip away at one of Connecticut's recreational and tourism jewels.
We hope you will consider our opposition to these land transfers and vote no!

Tina Green
President ,CT Ornithological Association
On behalf of the Board of Directors and our Members

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