[CT Birds] Bird ID help

Elaine Taylor etbchs at aol.com
Sun Mar 15 09:41:02 EDT 2015

I just had a large hawk soar above the field behind my home. I see this hawk  periodically but never can ID it. Perhaps someone can help. It is about the size of a Red Tail. Its upper body feathers are very dark but under body feathers are very light, possibly even white. Rounded downward bill. Large white band about 1/2 way from base of tail. The band is only seen when its upper body is seen. It soared tree level to shrub level low looking for food. I thought Harrier from its flight behavior but it just didn't look like ones I've seen. The under body was so light and the upper so dark except for the clearly visible band. Any thoughts are appreciated.
Elaine in Bristol

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