[CT Birds] From Big Years to Big Epochs: Birding Meets Paleontology

Amy Hopkins hopkinsus at cs.com
Sun Mar 15 19:01:57 EDT 2015

Daniel Field, doctoral candidate in paleontology at Yale, will speak to The Parrot Club Tuesday, April 14.  Daniel is a recognized expert in avian paleontology.  His talk will explore the incredible diversity of modern birds through the lens of the fossil record, revealing how birds' characteristic specializations (feathers, flight, and warm-bloodedness) came to be.  Although he can often be found hunting for rare and unusual fossils, he spends much of his free time observing and photographing living birds.  The talk will include Daniels bird photography from around the world.

Some of his topics will include what happened to birds when the asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs?  What reptile is closest to birds?  Are dinosaurs warm-blooded or cold-blooded?  How can you tell from fossil bones if a bird was able to fly?  And could Archeopteryx actually fly?  The answers will knock your socks off!  Make sure you don't miss this very special talk!

Where: The Parrot Club
When: Tuesday, April 14, 7:30 p.m.
Suggested Donation: $3, under 12 free
Parking: Plentiful and free!

Veterans Memorial Clubhouse
100 Sunset Ridge Drive
East Hartford, CT


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