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Sun Mar 15 23:14:31 EDT 2015

I would like to share some thoughts based on speculation and incomplete information, I admit, about the land transfer from Silver Sands to the city of Milford.  The DEEP is planning improvements at Silver Sands, including bathhouses and a concession stand, and then they plan to charge the usual exorbitant admission price which excludes lower income people. Unlike most state parks, Silver Sands is surrounded by housing developments, and Milford is concerned that Milford residents, used to going to Silver Sands for free, and for brief visits at lunchtime, will park-up the neighborhoods and walk in. The Mayor wants to head off the nuisance by providing those with resident stickers a dedicated parking lot.  It may be located on areas of old paving and not represent new paving.  So I would be for that because at least Milford families ( 27% ALICE households, see: http://www.milfordmirror.com/28994/state-official-meets-alice-the-working-poor/  ) would not be
 among those who pay taxes yet are priced out of tax-supported resources. It's all about the children.  Let the children play!

The Conveyance Act also mentioned the parcel would be part of a design to allow fee-free access to and parking for the Animal Shelter, located along the east side of the entrance/parking area.  A better plan would be to move the Animal Shelter out of the middle of a state park proximate to the LIS beach, and an area that requires hurricane evacuation.  Parking problem solved! Unfortunately in Milford's real estate market, that would be a multi-million dollar proposition, even for a small humble operation, I believe, but it should be done. It doesn't belong there.

I've heard birders say the bigger issue in this project is how much habitat will be disrupted by the construction of the improvements, and whether DEEP will pave the overflow parking areas or keep them as bird-friendly mown areas (a concern at Hammo also). Why hasn't DEEP got the word that permeable parking is the way to go?  Besides, if they charge admission, less people will come and they won't need more parking! Parking problem solved!  It's all about the birds. Let the birds live!

Winifred Wirth, Milford

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