[CT Birds] Hamden Eagle with Dinner Guest

Mike Horn mfhorn at att.net
Sat Mar 21 19:57:04 EDT 2015

Hi All. This afternoon (Sat 3/21/15) there was a bunch of us watching Father
(State Street Hamden) Eagle sitting in the sentry tree. He suddenly took off
and dove down to the river and made several passes at great speed. He then
flew back up to the bottom of the sentry tree with a dinner guest. It was a
male Hooded Merganser. He then stripped it of its feathers and proceeded to
eat it. The whole process took about an hour. We all got wonderful looks at
it through my spotting scope. Not once did he bring any over to the female
who was setting on eggs about 50 feet away all this time. Oh well, I guess
mating season is truly over. Regards to all, Mike Horn, Hamden, CT

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