[CT Birds] Ducks

Kevin Doyle kevindoyle01 at charter.net
Sat Mar 21 19:56:04 EDT 2015

Mondo pond 12:30 very good photo ops of ring neck necks, american weigon, hoodies, wood ducks though only briefly 7 flew over landed made a very short swim out into the open only to be spooked by a dog walker, common mergansers, red headed, mallards, black duck, pied grebe.

Milford Point at the far end of the sand bar 2 AOC very approachable.  Keeping my distance they preened their wings and mucked around in the surf.

Stratford Point 3ish one of the better duck viewing and photo op days to date. Walking the outer path moderate high tide had the ducks as close as I've seen them. Not counting but numerous America weigon in 3 separate rafts, common goldeneye both male & females, common loons, scaups more than I keep track off, black ducks and the eurasian weigon amongst a group of american weigon.

I realize people don't understand dogs & birds/ducks don't mix. The wiegons were spooked by a lone dog walker whose dog was running loose. It's great that SP is open (gate) but it would be a shame to have it locked because people are walking their dogs.

There probably isn't an answer.  If they want in they will find a way.

One ??? The last 4 stop overs at Birdseye have produced zero ducks does anyone have any idea where they went or  am I just hitting the spot at the wrong time?

Kevindoyle01 at charter.net

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