[CT Birds] Beachdale Pond in Pachaug State Forest

Brian Williams brianw15th2v at att.net
Sun Mar 22 20:51:06 EDT 2015

This afternoon at Beachdale Pond, still ninety percent ice-covered: 26 ringed-neck ducks, some females; twenty hooded mergansers; eleven common mergansers; four male common goldeneyes; four buffleheads; twelve American black ducks, nine mallards, two wood ducks, and hooded mergansers seen from the observation deck with an osprey (first of season) overhead.  Tufted titmice, brown tree creepers, nuthatches, chickadees, other songbirds and one eastern phoebe (first of season) found along the trail towards Trail I Rd.  First of season Great Blue Heron crossed the pond from the dam.

Dabbling sucks were feeding non-stop as I watched, bottoms-up and surfacing only for air.

Three black vultures seen soaring low overhead towards Beach Pond.

Three mute swans gathered around one deceased, apparently moving it further into the woods.  Cause was unable to be determined but probably was environmental rather than an attack of any sort; only two swans were on the pond last week.
Brian Williams

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